HSL-NH/VT Spring Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2005

Hotel Coolidge, White River Junction, VT


Claire LaForce (Program Coordinator) called the business meeting to order at 9:10 am.

I. Introductions

  1. Jen Davis, LRGH Healthcare; received her MLS at SUNY Buffalo – is liking the job!
  2. Adrian Follette, Dartmouth Biomed Libraries
  3. New DOCLINE Libraries:
    1. Carol Firman, DHHS (NHUKAW)
    2. Rebecca Clerkin, NHCTC Stratham/Pease (NHUKDN)


II. Old Business

  1. Minutes of last meeting
    1. Changes; Marianne Burke’s name spelled incorrectly
  2. Daphne Pringle motioned to accept minutes, Claudette Welch seconded; so moved.


III. Committee Reports

  1. Administration Committee (Daphne Pringle)
    1. Bylaws posted on HSLNH/VT website with some minor corrections.
    2. Membership issues will be discussed on the listserv & voted on at Fall meeting.
    3. Same with scholarship issues.
    4. Organization handbook needs revision; committee coordinators will need to write updates; Marion Allen will contact them. (Claire LaForce noted that it should be rewritten instead of just revised as previously intended, now that our structure has changed so much – can be posted on web.)
  1. BHSL (Katie Doherty)
    1. Updated the list of BHSL libraries; still has a few more names to take off the list.
    2. Katie had sent out, via email, the BHSL rankings and explanations of the rankings.
    3. Marty Fenn askedif the VA is participating – Katie said they’re not on the list.
    4. Marty also asked about the $25 fee to join; Katie said it has been eliminated.
    5. Note that NHCTC Claremont (David Stuges, librarian) will be joining BHSL in the next few months.
  2. Communication Committee (Cynthia David)
    1. List of current members.
    2. Reminded everyone of the group’s website; Maureen Dunn is the “webmaster”
    3. Listserv update; Alice Reed is the listserv coordinator.
    4. Committee sent a thank you note to Donna Berryman for her presentation at the Fall meeting.
    5. NAHSL – we do not have a rep from the HSLNH/VT group, and we need one! Cynthia is the current default contact person.

-    NAHSL is redesigning their website.

-    Minutes from the last executive board meeting are posted on their website.

    1. Gayle Hutchins Tudisco & Maureen Dunn are taking minutes at the meeting today.
    2. Maureen sent out the mailings for this meeting.
    3. Sheila Hayes: INFO: She and Mimi Guessferd are working on an HCA (Health Corp. of America; about 500 member hospitals) consortium (Mark Goldstein is helping them) – should the consortium be part of the communications committee or should they communicate as a consortium with the HSLNH/VT group through the communications committee? Consensus was to communicate through the communications committee.
    4. Alice Reed: Difficult to tell if requests to join our listserv are spam or legit. Need to coordinate with Karen Lambert to check membership before allowing them to join. There’s also an issue about if a member retires, does the succeeding librarian not have to pay to join (e.g., if retiree has paid for the year, and retires halfway through the year)?
    5. Karen Lambert: Is it a good ideas to drop people from the listserv automatically if they don’t pay to join HSLNH/VT? You might lose them for good then.

-    Claire suggested Karen liaison with the Communications Committee to alert if there any such drops so the dropped members can be approached about rejoining.

-    Bev said a letter was sent out in April inviting non-members to join; Cynthia suggested such letters be sent through the Communications Committee.

    1. Nancy Bianchi asked what the asterisks next to certain names on the membership list meant; Karen said they just meant that the person’s dues were already paid.
    2. Claire mentioned that there’s a list in the handout packet of who’s on which committee.
  1. Program & Education Committee (Claire LaForce)
    1. Claire’s term as coordinator is up; Nancy Bianchi and Sheila Phillipe agreed to do the Spring 2006 meeting; Jean Slepian will help with the Fall ’05 and Spring ’06 meetings; still need a main coordinator for Fall ’05, starting NOW!
    2. Sam Urtz asked that we acknowledge Claire’s efforts over the last year. (applause)


IV. Consortia Reports

  1. North Country (Anne Conner)
    1. Linda Ford’s not here to give the report, but Michelle Eberle will be presenting at their next meeting.
  2. Southern NH (Cynthia David)
    1. We haven’t met, and so far don’t have a next meeting planned; pointed out that Sheila Hayes has been published.
  3. Southern Vermont
    1. Haven’t met in a while; will be meeting in June at Springfield Hospital, where they’ll be watching the MLA video on licensing e-journals and databases.


V. Resource Library Reports

  1. Dana Biomedical Library (Sheila Phillipe)
    1. They’ve been in their temporary location since 2002; excited about new library; will be open and operational July 17, 2005 in the new location. Many grand opening events are planned – will be sending out invitations (passed around artist’s renderings of the new library). Got o http://library.uvm.edu/dana/newlibrary/index.html for pics and updates.
    2. Sheila gave description of new library – see website!
    3. Nancy Bianchi said that when she and Sheila volunteered to coordinate the Spring meeting, it was with theidea that it might be held in the new facility – stay tuned!
  2. Dartmouth (Bill Garrity)
    1. Dartmouth is in growth phase; $270million toward the medical school, including lab and library space.
    2. Implemented DartDoc (ILLiad) – very complicated setup, but up and running now.
    3. October conference (9th annual) on collaboration; Karen Odato just sent out call for presentations
    4. Hiring Head of Education and Info Services; Karen Odato is Education Coordinator but wants to go to .6FTE (Marge Westefield retired and moved to Myrtle Beach); new position will be posted soon; contact Peggy Sleeth if interested.
    5. Adrian Follette will be starting her online MLS program through University of Pittsburgh in a few weeks.
    6. Claire asked about the money for the new spaces; Bill said a lot of it had to do with “Translational Research” – getting info to the clinical, applicable arena ASAP.
    7. DHMC is now the largest enclosed space in NH; 3rd most expensive construction project in NH history.


VI. RML Report (Michelle Eberle, NN/LM-NER)

  1. Explanation of NN/LM resources and membership.
  2. Been very busy with exhibitions and classes; Michelle’s teaching 7 new classes, all of which are approved for MLA CE credits.
  3. NN/LM grant is up in July, so they’re very busy right now – big thrust for grant is community outreach.
  4. Message from Mark Goldstein; Hospital library orientation being worked on (Claire and Sheila on Hospital library group Regional Advisory Council).
  5. NN/LM-NER has a lending library of MLA videos to borrow.
  6. Massachusetts went live on GoLocal (MedlinePlus) yesterday.
    1. Dana Medical Library has applied to do it for VT.
  7. Express Outreach; funding up to $10,000 with a letter of application and one-line budget.
    1. GeeGee Zaveson asked about the scope of the grants; Michelle said to talk to her or Javier about it.
  8. Still have money for scanners, document delivery systems, etc.
  9. Sarah Lane (NN/LM-NER grant writing consultant) would really like to come do a class for HSLNH/VT.
  10. Requested a letter of support from the HSLNH/VT group for UMass’s application to continue as the RML; questions?
    1. Claire asked about the feedback we gave Donna Berryman at the Fall meeting. Michelle said they had a RAC meeting and invited public librarians, grantees, etc. – she thinks feedback is public, but needs to check with Javier.
    2. Claire also asked where we could find info on what the RML is trying to do; Michelle said it’s on the website – she’s going to email the link to the listserv.
  11. Jean Slepian commented that she wanted to do GoLocal in her area, but found it prohibitive because of the NLM requirement that there be a (at least) half-time program coordinator, paid outside the grant money; this pretty much automatically excludes hospital libraries. Michelle will relay that feedback at the MLA breakout session.


VII. New Business

  1. RML letter of support (Cynthia David)
    1. Michelle Eberle left the room for duration of discussion
    2. Sample letter of support on handout table; also was emailed out earlier this week.
    3. Does group want the Communications Committee to send a letter of support for UMass’s application to continue as RML?
    4. Marty asked if there was any chance UConn was applying – Cynthia said apparently not. Sheila Hayes said they’re just doing EFTS. Nancy said it sounds as if Ralph Acari (Director of Libraries at UConn) is retiring soon, so it’s unlikely they’d put together an application at this point.
    5. Cynthia said NAHSL board decided to ask their membership for a letter of support.
    6. Claire said we would need a motion to support the letter writing.
    7. Jona Bostwick moved that we write a letter of support for UMass’s application; Gayle Tudisco seconded.
    8. Discussion:

-    Sam Urtz suggested that the letter be looked over and approved by all four coordinators.

-    Gayle said the RML has been extremely responsive and Donna Berryman’s presentation at the Fall meeting is still helping her.

-    Karen Lambert said she thinks the RML is following the lead of the NLM, which has changed focus over the years.

-    Jona thinks we should give them our support.

-    Nancy Bianchi said Gayle hit the nail on the head – has UMass been responsive? That should drive our decision. She thinks they’ve been incredibly responsive – esp. Donna and Michelle.

-    Claire agreed; she’s been impressed with the number of programs they’ve developed and given.

-    GeeGee pointed out that this RML did the EDD project for the North Country consortium, which has been great; Claire pointed out that they did Maine’s as well.Cynthia said her microfiche project received great support & was a wonderful opportunity.

-    Stacy Wein said every question she’s asked has been treated with respect and consideration.

-    Nancy said 2 years ago they decided they needed to revise their PubMed training – they asked Donna Berryman to do a “train the trainer” class, and she bent over backward to customize such a class for them.

    1. Vote to write a letter of support for UMass’s application – passed unanimously.
    2. Cynthia will be in touch with the Communications Committee members to write the letter, and with the other coordinators to approve it.
    3. Sam asked about opportunities for individual libraries to write letters of support. Claire and Cynthia said the one that went out on the listserv can be used.
  1. EDD project with North Country consortium (Nancy Bianchi)
    1. Jeanene Light at Dana is coordinator for the project – she asked Nancy to give the group a handout on progress.


10:50am – Break

11:15am – Reconvene


VIII. Norma Phillips Tribute

  1. Bob Sekerik’s tribute to Norma
  2. Comments from others in the group
  3. Gift presentation


IX. Sharing of Good Things in our Libraries

1.        Sam Urtz (St. Anselm’s) – CINAHL “Practice Questions” handout developed (for EBSCO’s CINAHL); Sam is willing to share an electronic version that can be adapted.

  1. Sheila Hayes (Portsmouth) – published article in National Networks about incorporating Lonsome Doc into CME program. Portsmouth is working on moving CME from a didactic, Grand Rounds-type format to a skills improvement format; Lonesome Doc class has become part of it. Email Sheila for a copy. The article will also be published in the Journal of Hospital Librarianship. Sheila has also been invited to speak at North Shore Hospital, and been invited to help Rensselaer Polytechnic University to help them develop adult education modules.
  2. Jean Slepian (Cheshire & Monadnock) – She’s gotten very involved with promoting evidence-based practice in nursing; wrote a play that will be performed next week for national nurses’ week; wants to know if anyone else is involved with EBP.
    1. Alice wanted to know if it would be videotaped. Jean didn’t know – group pressure to videotape it!
    2. Sheila wants to show it to her nurses.
    3. Jean says she sees EBP as librarians’ opportunity to be more a part of clinical practice – “clinical librarianship”; EBP related to quality is an emphasis – ties back to 3rd party payors.
    4. Marty wanted to know who started the EBP nursing focus group – it was Jean and a nurse who was interested in EBP.
    5. 70 or 80 people have registered for the presentation.
    6. Sam said she hopes Jean will write an article about it.
  3. Cindy Sloan (St. Joseph’s) – they just got Magnet status; she’s seen a bigger emphasis on nursing education, which ties into Jean’s program.
  4. GeeGee Zaveson (North Country Hospital)
    1. Did a presentation for the nurses during their twice-annual “Review of Nursing.” Introduced PubMed, QuackWatch, Google, etc. Will be doing something in the Fall about literacy for the nurses.
    2. Also has info about North Country’s homegrown automation system.
    3. GeeGee spent the winter in the Dominican Republic, working 16 hours/week remotely; Phyllis worked 16 hours/week in the office. GeeGee recommended watching the NLM’s DVD on “The Library as Place.”
  5. Claire LaForce (Rutland Regional) – started a bookcart of “regular” reading books – big hit!


12:10pm Lunch



NH/VT HSL Spring Meeting Minutes for Second Half of Meeting

May 5, 2005



At 1:15 pm, Phil White, Ovid Technologies’ New England Sales Manager, gave a PowerPoint presentation about Ovid and how the service would benefit libraries.  Key points included:

  1. No embargo on any journals except for Science.
  2. Receive all available back issues when subscribing to a title.
  3. Retain archival rights after cancellation of a title.
  4. Over 1200 journals available and 200 books.
  5. Can subscribe to individual titles.
  6. New statistical interface available that is user-friendlier.
  7. Can search databases, journals and books at the same time.
  8. Can implement multiple auto alerts.
  9. Consortia pricing is available with individual invoicing for LWW titles only.  Depending on number of libraries interested it may be possible to select individual titles for each library.  Contact Phil White directly if interested, they will handle all the paperwork.


Open Discussion: Library Challenges

     Alice Reed inquired what other librarians are doing for book selection after the demise of the Brandon Hill List.  She purchased Doody’s Core Titles, but is looking for additional resources.  The $399/year price for Doody’s Electronic Journal was too expensive.  Sheila Hayes sent an email soliciting title requests to all the hospital’s managers and was flooded with replies.  Rittenhouse will provide a listing by subject of newly published titles that they will email to you, but listing does not includes reviews or critiques.  Alice suggesting pursuing a consortia purchase of Doody’s Electronic Journal.  Ten libraries were interested.  All agreed any contract must include individual invoicing; the consortium cannot take on the responsibility of managing the journal purchase.  Alice agreed to pursue the idea with Doody’s, and Sheila Hayes agreed to help with any contract negotiations.  Gayle Tudisco suggested buying a subscription from the consortium funds.  Sam Urtz pointed out that any reserve in the account is necessary to cover conferences deposits and unanticipated conference expenses.  All agreed that it was not possible to purchase the subscription that way.    Sam Urtz reported that Nelinet can broker for discounts for libraries that are members.  Annual fee begins at $300 year depending on the size of the library.  Another recommendation was to use medical journal reviews and alerts in EBSCOHost and PubMed for book reviews.  There was a reminder about Rittenhouse’s 20% off spring sale.

     Jona Bostwick explained how the VA is trying to close down her library in Manchester, NH and the one in Bedford MA as well.  Two nurses were assigned to write a paper on how to close the library.  She was asked to do the research for the paper.  The best-case scenario is to keep both libraries open, with Jona dividing her time between the two libraries.  The VA thought they could pay a $150 fee per physician to Dartmouth College and use their library instead.  Dartmouth is not interested in such an arrangement.  Sheila Hayes recommended Jona contact Janine Gluck of Manchester Memorial. Janine is an advocate from MLA who works to support libraries in their effort to prevent closure.  NHMS is investigating the idea of requiring hospitals that have CME accreditation to have a library, but nothing definitive has come of it yet.  Sam Urtz questioned whether the VA would be in violation of JACHO standards by closing the library.  GeeGee Zaverson replied that JACHO only requires access to library services, not a library.  It is a problem with the system.  Claire LaForce suggested using MLA Standards and SLA competencies.  There was a suggestion to contact NLM for direction.  Sheila Hayes recommended purchasing Health Stream – an education-tracking tool the libraries in HCA system use.  She suggested getting into the education business; it has helped many librarians in the HCA system keep their positions.

     It was requested that librarians put the Docline number on Ariel emails when filling requests because virus problems make people reluctant to open an attachment when they don’t know exactly what it is.  Cynthia David said there is a way in Ariel to modify requests through the pull down menu.  She offered to send directions through the list-serv.  When using e-copy, delete the default file name and put in Docline number. 

    GeeGee Zaverson reminded anyone interested in purchasing the automated system developed by Irvine Goodwin to contact her, or him, with any questions. 

    Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.