HSL-NH/VT Meeting

April 15, 2004

Quechee Club, Quechee, VT


Norma Phillips (Co-coordinator Admin) called the business meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Committee Reports


Administrative Committee (Co-coordinator Norma Phillips reporting)


Communication Committee Report (Co-coordinator Cynthia David reporting)

Ø       Minutes from the March 6 NAHSL mtg will be posted on their website in June.

Ø       Scholarship committee has been re-named to the Professional Development Fund Committee; more money for non-NAHSL activities, conventions, etc. will be made available. Application forms are available.

Ø       State reps to NAHSL have been asked to contribute local news items for inclusion on the NAHSL website; keeping our own site is important and great, but they still want us to send items, so if anyone has any, send them to Claire until a new NAHSL rep volunteers!

·         Claire also reported that the NH Library Association would be meeting on May 13th & 14th at the Mt. Washington hotel, and the VT Library Association would be meeting in Burlington the same weekend as MLA.


Finance Committee Report (Co-coordinator Bev Greene reporting)

Ø       Changing name to HSLNH/VT Directory, with a separate section for resource sharing (would include Ariel address, Docline info, etc.)

Ø       Bev would appreciate help and suggestions with the distribution of the directory; email or call Bev.


Norma asked everyone to please contribute to the HSLNH/VT group in some way; to share responsibility for keeping the group going.


Norma asked for corrections to the Fall minutes; Daphne Pringle asked to be included as attending the meeting.


Norma declared the minutes to stand approved as revised.


Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer Brenda Birck reporting)


Norma asked for input; none forthcoming; report stands approved.


Scholarship Committee (Marty Fenn reporting)


Consortia Reports


North Country (Linda Ford reporting)


Southern Vermont (Bev Greene reporting)


Southern NH (Brenda Birck reporting)


UVM – no report; Dartmouth – no representative present


RML Report (Michelle Eberle reporting)

Ø       11 libraries are participating

Ø       free training from UVM will be provided

Ø       new funding starts in May for document delivery and express outreach

Ø       RFPs for ’05 funding will be announced at the end of the summer

Ø       2 subcontracts effective through Dec ’04 affect NH: MA College of Pharmacy doing outreach in NH from May ’04 through Oct ’05; NH AHEC has a 12-month Health NH program for consumer health training

Ø       New RFPs available from NLM on AIDS outreach and access to health info

Ø       Region 3 overview handouts available at meeting (membership, etc.)

Ø       Michelle will be doing four classes in consumer health research at the NH State Library in June.

Ø       Marty asked about the NER’Easter; didn’t know it was now electronic delivery only, of which fact Michelle informed her; Michelle will carry back the message to the RML that some people still might prefer to receive a print version.


New Business


By-Laws (Daphne Pringle presenting)


Norma and Daphne downloaded the existing by-laws and made changes to the existing version. See changes on handouts available at meeting.


Ø       Cynthia: Can the by-laws and/or changes be distributed electronically and/or in writing, instead of in writing, as currently stated? Some discussion; suggestion made to remove the phrase “in writing” entirely, and simply state that they would be distributed.

Ø       Cynthia moved that Article X be added as revised.

Ø       Claire and Jona seconded.

Ø       Vote taken: 26 in favor, 0 opposed, Amendment adopted as revised.


·         Article III - Membership (Alice Reed):

Ø       Currently 60 members of the listserv

Ø       Alice went over the directions that are posted on the website for how to join the listserv; She has recently received requests to join the listserv from South African investors and display vendors from Ohio – would like guidance for the criteria to join.

Ø       Looked at other organizational requirements and suggests that instead of current practice of designating members as institutional and individual, we use instead institutional and “associate members” (See Article III Sec. 1)

Ø       Article III Sec. 2b includes a proposed definition of associate members; would exclude commercial members (vendors, reps, etc.)

Ø       Discussion?

o        Claire: Can vendors & others still attend meetings? Alice thinks that’s understood as yes – general agreement.


·         Article III Section 2a (Daphne Pringle):

Ø       Section has been changed to include Internet/email access as a qualifier for institutional membership; also that one must be a member of one of the four committees.

Ø       Discussion?

o        Claire: Everyone needs to be on one of the four committees in order to be a member? Clarifying.

o        Daphne: Yes, per the understanding we reached at the Spring ’03 meeting, everyone should contribute.

o        Claire: Upon joining, the person should choose the committee they’d like to be on?

o        Daphne: Yes, or they’ll be assigned to one!

o        Claire: Is that a deterrent to joining?

o        Cynthia: That’s the heart of the organization – that everyone’s involved. Approve of statement.

o        Alice: I was the instigator of that statement – we are now a cooperative; level of involvement can vary, but everyone’s accounted for and involved. It doesn’t even matter, by-law-wise, how the co-coordinators are chosen, as long as someone is representing each committee.

o        Sam: Could we discuss the new draft of the by-laws on the listserv over the summer, and vote at the Fall meeting? We could devote more time to business issues in the Fall – we’re running out of time now.

o        Daphne: Good idea; also, please fill out the by-laws questionnaire and return either today, or at least by the end of the month


Portsmouth Hospital Update (Sheila Hayes)

·         Portsmouth is an HCA hospital, and the HCA hospital organization is discussing becoming a consortium itself and borrowing first from member hospitals for ILL; Sheila will keep the group updated on developments.


New Members/1st-time attendees

·         Dave Sturges – NH Technical College in Claremont; started in August, from the State Library

·         Michelle Eberle – RML

·         Carolyn Barnes – Director, VT Technical College

·         Gayle Hutchins Tudisco – Elliot Hospital, Manchester, NH; formerly director of Pelham Public Library

·         Jeanne Mulhall – Retreat Healthcare, Brattleboro, VT


10:35am  - Norma Phillips closed the business meeting.