Health Sciences Libraries of NH/VT Fall Business Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2008
Elliot Hospital, Manchester, NH

Present: Marianne Burke, Cynthia David, Alice Reed-Gorski, Karen Matthews, Anne Conner, Claire LaForce, Maureen Dunn, Gayle Hutchins-Tudisco, Betsy Merrill, Sam King, Cindy Sloan, Jona Bostwick, Jessie Cassella, Katie Doherty, Gary Strubel

Gayle Hutchins-Tudisco opened the meeting; Marianne Burke called the meeting to order @ 9:35 am. Anne Conner volunteered to take minutes. The group introduced themselves and welcomed Jessie Cassella, who began working at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital upon Sally Andrews’ retirement.

  1. Claire LaForce motioned that the minutes from the April 11, 2008 meeting be approved; Maureen Dunn seconded; motion carried.
  2. The Steering Committee has not met.
  3. Finance/Membership Committee- Maureen Dunn referenced the Reports, which are included with handouts. There are 44 members currently.
  4. Scholarship Committee- there have been no requests for scholarship funds to date. It’s not too late to submit a scholarship request for attending NAHSL (can be used for CE or registration). There was lively discussion re: use of HSL-NH/VT scholarship funds for additional conference-related expenses; e.g., fuel, food. Since a change in the guidelines does not represent a “bylaws” change and since no attendees objected, Maureen Dunn (on behalf of the Finance Committee) will change the wording and send it out to the membership for an e-mail vote. Jona Bostwick spoke about her new position (virtual) as a regional database coordinator for the VA in New England. She raised a concern about remaining as a member of HSL and being a member of the Finance/Scholarship Committees, since she will no longer be positioned in a health sciences library. (She was encouraged to continue with her involvement.)
  5. Administration Committee- Marianne Burke indicated that there is a vacancy as Coordinator of the Administration Committee. There is also a need for coordination of the Bylaws & Handbook Committee. Katie Doherty volunteered to coordinate the Bylaws & Handbook Committee. Anne Conner volunteered to coordinate the Administration Committee. Marianne Burke will serve as parliamentarian.
  6. Archives Committee- Marianne Burke indicated that the Archives of HSL are stored at the Dana Medical Library at the University of Vermont. Marianne will work on updating the files, as they are missing information from the past two years. She encourages submission of any pictures. Marianne also encourages member input re: archiving print vs. electronic.
  7. Program & Education Committee- Regarding the Fall 2008 HSL meeting, thanks to Jean Slepian for registrations, Nancy Bianchi for the NELINET speaker, Marianne Burke for running the meeting, and Gayle Tudisco for all of the other tasks involved in coordinating the meeting. Gayle announced that she will officially “retire” from her position as coordinator of this committee effective May 2009. The Spring 2009 meeting is scheduled for May 7, 2009, at North Country Hospital in Newport, VT.
  8. Communications Committee- report included with handouts. Alice Reed-Gorski will continue to manage the LISTSERV, which now has 52 members. The list will continue to be “private”; access to Archives will not be available on the HSL website (this will discourage lurkers); however, members can be granted access through Alice. Cynthia David volunteered to update the website, as long as Sheila Hayes does not wish to continue.
  9. NAHSL Liaison Report- provided by Claire LaForce in the packet. Claire reported that the NAHSL Executive Board has been engaged in strategic planning, which correspond with MLA’s goals at There is a proposal to change the NAHSL bylaws, which would require that NAHSL officers and committee chairs be voting members of MLA, and shall live or work in the area contained within the geographic boundaries of the Chapter. There is also discussion about changing NAHSL’s name to conform to naming of chapters throughout the country. Claire encourages HSL membership input.
  10. Resource Library Reports- Marianne Burke provided a report from UVM in the packet. Bill Garrity and Cindy Stewart apologize for not being present.
  11. Old or Continuing Business: There was a discussion about consortial pricing. Marianne mentioned the collaboration in the Maine group. There are opportunities for savings by joining with Maine, forming a Northern NE Consortium with ~ 40 members. Janet Cowan is the Maine contact. NELINET also has consortial pricing.
  12. New Business
Maureen Dunn motion to adjourn at 10:53 am; seconded by Alice Reed-Gorski. Motion passed. Respectfully submitted, Anne M. Conner Gale Medical Library, Littleton Regional Hospital