Present at this meeting held at the Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT were:

Marion Allen, New Hampshire Hospital

Sally Andrews, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Nancy Bianchi, UVM – Dana Medical Library

Heather Blunt, Dartmouth

Marianne Burke, UVM – Dana Medical Library

Angie Chapple-Sokol, Fletcher Allen Library

Javier Crespo, NN/LM NER-RML

Maureen Dunn, Concord Hospital

Marty Fenn, Retired

Sheila Hayes, Portsmouth Regional

Betsy Holmes, Saint Anselm’s College

Claire LaForce, Rutland Regional

Karen Matthews, VA Medical Center

Betsey Merrill, NVRH

Daphne Pringle, Retired

Alice Reed-Gorski, Exeter Hospital

Jan Silver, SNHMC

Gayle Tudisco, Elliot Health Care




            Sitting at a very big table with very large chairs in the afternoon after the NAHSL ’07 Planning Meeting Marion Allen opened the meeting.


            Nancy Bianchi introduced Betsey Holmes from St. Anselm’s College.


            A motion was made by Marianne Burke that the minutes of the Spring Meeting 04/28/2006 be accepted.  Jan Silver seconded.  The motion was carried.


            The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Maureen Dunn motioned that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.  Sheila Hayes seconded.  The motion was carried.  Under new business the scholarship portion of the Finance Committee would be discussed.




            The issue of the scholarships continued as new business. Claire LaForce discusses the Scholarship Committee person’s role and duties and the members need to discuss this portion further via email.  Karen Matthews suggested that a % should be determined for an amount to be applied to NAHSL registration, travel, etc…. And, Karen also suggested it be based on how NAHSL determines this %.  It was reported that Laura Thompson suggested 10%.  Marion Allen, Alice Reed-Gorski and Jan Silver discussed how and to what things scholarships should be awarded.


            The new business moved to Committee Reports.

            Administration Committee:

            Nancy Bianchi and Marion Allen pointed out that a keeper of the archives was needed. Report was accepted.

            Finance Committee:

            Discussion would continue via email.

            Communication Committee:

            Sheila Hayes reported that all was well with the Web-Site and the listserv.  Sheila asked that there be a sign-in sheet at meetings so in the future we would know who had attended.  It was also a way to get to know everybody.

            Program and Education:

            Nancy Bianchi had no specific report.  Nancy will talk to the program committee to see who will coordinate the spring meeting.  It was the consensus of the members that we have a spring meeting. We will use the listserv to determine why attendance is so low.  Sheila Hayes will pose the question as part of the Communication Committee’s activities.

            The New Business moved on to the Consortia Reports.

            The North Country Consortium was the only report.  Their activities continue to aid and foster this consortium.  Clair LaForce suggested that southern NH/VT become one consortium.


            Finally the New Business moved on to the Resource Libraries, the Vermont Go Local Project, NAHSL ’07, the RAC, and the NLM. Nancy Bianchi discussed the $11.00 ILL charge at UVM and that the Vermont Department of Libraries had scarce funds for ILL charges, but did support ILL activities in Vermont. The Planning Committee for NAHSL ‘07 would offer a wonderful presentation at NAHSL ’06 of what is in store for those who come to Woodstock, Vermont in the fall of 2007.  The Vermont Go Local Project will include Vermont State Health Agencies and Hospitals.  Surrounding counties in New York and New Hampshire will be included.  The RAC Committee Project was discussed.  The RAC Hospital Sub-committee was also discussed.  The Members of HSL who belong to the RAC will continue to report to HSL on all the RAC activities.  The NLM wants to know what hospital libraries want to be listed as resources.  The members are to let the NLM know if they want to be listed.


            The Nelinet presentation on how to successfully search Google was very useful and informative.  We received many skills to help patron’s search Google and use it as a hospital library tool.  Amy Benson, Program Director of Nelinet, was excellent.  It closed our meeting on a great note.       


            Respectfully submitted,



            Sheila Hayes

            Chairman of the Communications Committee.