Chairman Gayle Hutchins-Tudisco opened the meeting while members finished their continental breakfast supplied by FIRSTConsult.  Marion Allen presented the first reports.  The minutes of the spring, 2005 and all the committee reports (not including the finance committee report and the revision of ARTICLE III of the Bylaws) were presented for acceptance, Sheila Hayes motioned that the minutes and reports be accepted Alice Reed-Gorski seconded and the minutes and reports were accepted.


The financial report was presented.

Claire motioned for acceptance of the financial report Phyllis seconded, the motion was carried.


It was reported that the Archives need photos.  Photos can be brought to the spring, 2006 Meeting.


The revision of ARTICLA III the Bylaws was presented as a separate discussion. The discussion included the following concerns:

1.             What is meant by “institutional member”

2.             What is meant by the membership of a committee

3.             There needs to be a 2/3 vote of those present to add the revision

4.             Changes to the Bylaws were in bold letters

5.             Deletions were in ()

6.             What is meant by “daily” in terms of staffing of the library to be able to answer library requests. (It was agreed that whatever the institution defined the Library as would meet the definition of “daily.”)

There was a discussion on communicating and if computers can be used at home on the “daily” basis.

Gigi motioned that the members accept the Bylaw changes.  Daphne/Gail seconded, the motion was carried 23 yeses and 1 abstention.


    It was reported that Clair LaForce has received a grant to fund a GRASP program.  This will be a Medical Library services outreach program for grandparents who are raising their children’s children.





    Nancy Bianchi reported on the activities at UVM.


    1.     UVM will be hosting the spring HSL Meeting. (The new Library opened on 07/15/2005, but the formal opening will be 11/02/2005.)

    2.     Linda Ford won 50 hours of free searching on CINAHL.

    3.  Susan Bishop will have a new list of books available.

    4.  There is a video with a handout from the MLA Patient Safety Initiative at UVM and this is available as resources for HSL.

    5.  The Ariel Project produced 274 documents delivered.

    6.  On 11/02/2005 there will be a workshop on PubMed in Concord.

    7.    2007 Vermont will be the host for NAHSL.  A location has not been determined.


    The RML thanks the HSL for its letter of recommendation.  Grants are available for digital documents systems are available up to $10,000.00.


    Gail motioned to conclude the business meeting and Karen Seconded, the motion was carried.


    A tribute to the much loved Marty Fenn portrayed her as the Philosopher Librarian.  A wonderful letter was read that shared her marvelous history.


    The programs were then presented.



    Respectfully submitted,



    Sheila Hayes

    Chairman of the Communications Committee.