HSL NH/VT Meeting Minutes Draft

November 19, 2004

The William A Yasinski Research and Education Building

VA Medical Center

White River Junction, VT


Claire LaForce called the business meeting to order at 9:05 am.


First time attendees:

            Fred Lerner - National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders


Brenda Birck moved to approve minutes from Spring 2004 meeting.  Linda Ford seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.


Daphne Pringle, Norma Phillips, and Marion Allen presented the proposed changes to the by-laws including removal of sections that no longer apply, and changes suggested as a result of the June questionnaire.   Norma opened the discussion on adopting the by-laws as written.  Lynda made a motion to adopt.  Brenda Birck seconded.  Discussion began.


I.                    Marion Burke questioned the associate member and member designations in the by-laws Section 1: Classes of Membership.  Questions arose about whether or not associate members vote or serve on committees; can they be on the list-serv; what is the difference between the two groups of membership; what is the purpose of the distinction, can only institutional members vote or can individual members vote?  Associate members do not participate in Docline.  Membership is institutional rather than individual in case the individual changes jobs.  It was agreed that the definition of “membership” should be clarified in the by-laws. It was agreed that the membership application should reflect the by-laws.  There was a consensus to move on and continue the discussion electronically via the list-serv.  Results will be presented at the next meeting.



II.  Discussion moved on to the proposed amendment changes to the by-laws.  The committee wrote the original amendments.  Then the changes suggested at the Spring meeting were incorporated into the amendments which are presented for approval today.

Article IV – Section 1 – Duties


           Article IV – Section 2 – Selection of Officers

§         Beverly Greene was concerned that the Finance committee is too small to support the additional position of Assistant coordinator.   Norma mentioned that sometimes positions are vacant but the Assistant coordinator position still needs to be part of the by-laws. We will try and recruit additional members for the Finance committee through the listserv, following up with members not present.  Cynthia David suggested adding a column to the membership list that indicates which committee a member serves on so we can easily identify people who are not serving on a committee, and thus should be available for Finance.

§         Suggested that the phrase and Assistant Coordinators be added to Committee Coordinators shall be selected, and the phrase for the position of Coordinator be changed to positions.  Agreed.

§         Geegee Zaveson moved we accept Article IV - Section 2 as amended.

§         Alice Reed seconded.

§         Article IV - Section 2 passed unanimously.


Article V – Section 1 – Number and Times of Meetings

§         Maureen Dunn suggested that since the position of co-coordinator was changed to Assistant Coordinator then the phrase co-coordinators should be changed to coordinators wherever it appears in the by-laws.  Agreed.

§         Alice Reed moved we accept Article V – Section 1 as amended.

§         Claudette Welch seconded.

§         Article V – Section 1 amendment passed unanimously.


Article VII – Section 1 – General Provisions

§         No discussion.

§         Jona Bostwick motioned we accept Article VII – Section 1 as written.

§         Claudette Welch seconded.

§         Article VII – Section I passed unanimously.


            Article VII – Section 2 – Administration Committee

§         No discussion

§         Geegee Zaveson moved we accept Article VII – Section 2 as written.

§         Alice Reed seconded.

§         Article VII – Section 2 passed unanimously.


Article VII – Section 3 – Finance & Membership Committees

§         It was pointed out that the major change to this amendment involved adding the position of Treasurer.  It was asked if the coordinator acts as a treasurer.  Answer – each is a separate position.

§         Claire LaForce moved we accept Article VII – Section 3 as written.

§         Sam Urtz seconded.

§         Article VII – Section 3 passed unanimously.


Adoption of amended by-laws passed unanimously.



III.  Committee Reports:

            Due to length of time necessary for by-laws adoption there was no time for oral reports.  Individual committee reports were in packets.


            University of Vermont spoke briefly:

§         NH/VT Electronic Document delivery project is quite successful, and should expand next year.  Please read newsletter article about it in your packets.  She recommended writing up something for your newsletter if you participated.  She requested we keep the ILL requests coming. 


Donna Berryman from NLM/NER reported:

§         Very busy exhibiting and teaching classes.

§         Seeking input on NER’s past performance and future expectations for their RPF for the regional medical library program.

§         Hired a grant writing consultant who can assist with grant applications.

§         Funding opportunities are available on their web site.

§         Mark Goldstein working on a committee for hospital library standards, hoping to adopt MLA standards.


It was reported that Jan Silver recently published two articles: one on Libraries and Magnet Hospitals and one on Needs Assessment.  Linda Ford was written up in Granite State Libraries for NCLIS recognition for exemplary service in community health in the North Country Region.  Congratulations to Jan and Linda.


A 25th anniversary photo was taken on the steps of the building.


Business meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.