Health Science Libraries and Information Consortium of Maine

HSLIC Scholarship Guidelines

1. The HSLIC Scholarship Committee will approve or disapprove scholarship applications based on the following guidelines

    a. A scholarship may be awarded for up to 50% of the total cost of the workshop/program attended, excluding self-pay items;

    b. scholarships are limited to events of which total cost exceeds $20.00;

    c. scholarships will not exceed $400.00; and

    d. scholarships are limited to $400.00 per institution per HSLIC fiscal year.

2. Scholarship applicants will be notified of approval by the Committee and a check will be sent by HSLIC treasurer.

3. Scholarship recipients must submit a completed "Report of Educational Program Attended" to the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee within a week of the event and to the HSLIC newsletter editor for publication in the next issue.

4. All applicants must complete the "Application for Scholarship".