Emily Scribner

Spring 2010

Thanks to HSLIC's Past Chair, Happy Copley, for sharing the following tribute:

In her soft-spoken way, Emily Scribner powerfully and loudly advocates for the library profession, healthcare providers, and the community through her outstanding contributions. She has served HSLIC as Regional Representative, Secretary, Chair, and Past-Chair.

Emily has served the broader library profession in various positions on the Central Maine Library District Board, the Wilton Free Library Board of Trustees, and the Regional Advisory Committee to the New England Regional Medical Library. She received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor of Dumaguete, Philippines for her generous donations of medical books to their public library.

Emily is a long-term liaison for Maine Humanities Council’s successful Literature & Medicine program. As a recipient of the Outreach Rural Health Care Provider grant, she improved access to health information for providers and consumers by developing and offering onsite and offsite training throughout the Farmington region.

In 2009, Emily was named Caregiver of the Year for Franklin Community Health Network, for growing a "small library into a state-of-the-art medical library… an electronic research center with networking capability throughout the world." Every librarian who visits the Ben Franklin Medical Center Library comes away jealous of the physical prominence and location that Emily enjoys. It is a tribute to Emily that Franklin Memorial Hospital recognizes the services and resources of the Library.

Franklin Community Health Network’s 2008/2009 Annual Report describes Emily as someone who "performs everyday behind-the-scenes work as a reflection of her dedication to education, shining as a patient advocate, and helping to mold our future caregivers with her ability to support medical and nursing students with their learning needs."

Emily is a valued colleague, mentor, and supporter of the library community in Maine and beyond. We are thrilled to award her the Eleanor C. Cairns Award for 2010.

Emily Scribner receives the Cairns Award 2010 at the HSLIC Spring Meeting

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