Deborah Clark, MLIS

Spring 2007

Deb Clark is a devoted HSLIC advocate. She has been active in HSLIC almost since she started at Stephens Memorial Hospital in 1999. Although Deb serves in a one-person medical library, she has always found time to volunteer for HSLIC; serving as Manual updater, Vice-Chair and Resource Sharing Chair, HSLIC Chair, Newsletter editor, Membership Chair, and Automation Chair. In whatever post she serves she is unstinting of her time and energy in working to make HSLIC a better organization.

One of Deb's most important contributions to HSLIC, in addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, has been as a key player in organizing a team to apply for the Ariel document delivery system through a grant from the National Library of Medicine. This document delivery system has provided a uniform, consistent method of exchanging articles among the member libraries of HSLIC, and was made available to every medical library in Maine expressing the desire to participate. Post grant, Deb has served on the Ariel Committee to assure continuance of the program.

Deb Clark is insistent that HSLIC focus on its core mission of educating medical librarians in the State and she champions the cause of medical librarians across Maine. She is ready to help her colleagues when they need a hand and always encourages new members to get involved.

For her professionalism, efficiency, energy and advocacy, HSLIC is honored to award Deb Clark the Eleanor C. Cairns Distinguished HSLIC Librarian Award for 2007.

Deborah Clark Receives Award

Deborah Clark receives the Cairns Award 2007 at the HSLIC Spring Meeting

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