Kathy Brunjes

Spring 2005

Kathy Brunjes has been an active and involved member of HSLIC since she joined the organization nearly 20 years ago. Her interest in librarianship was so strong that she pushed herself to finish her undergraduate degree and go on to a masters in library science, all while working at her job(s) at Stephens Memorial Hospital and serving in a succession of positions on the HSLIC board. She has ably filled many positions in HSLIC, including NAHSL Representative, Secretary, Vice-Chair and Resource Sharing, Chair, and Newsletter Editor. Meanwhile, on the NAHSL board, she moved from HSLIC rep to Secretary to Conference Chair-Elect, Conference Chair and NAHSL Chair-Elect, and is currently serving as Chairman of the NAHSL Board. All this while taking on a challenging new position at CMMC, a much larger library, and incidentally, competing as a horsewoman at the national and international level! Kathy is a model of industry, spirit, energy, and professionalism for all of us, and is a most worthy recipient of the Cairns Award.

Presented by John Hutchinson

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