Barbara Harness
Barbara Harness
2000 Cairns Award Winner

Barbara Harness, MLS

Spring 2000

At the Annual Meeting on Friday, April 28, the announcement was made that Barbara Harness has been selected as the Cairns Award recipient for 2000. She was given the traditional inscribed glass bowl.

"Barbara Harness deserves recognition as HSLIC's Cairns Award winner for 2000 because she is one of our leading lights. She has served HSLIC ably in many capacities over the years. She has been Chair and Secretary and has had many committee posts, most notable chairing the Education Committee. The HSLIC Newsletter was superb the year she was editor. We can count on her to pitch in and serve whenever some need arises. When we needed Maine hospital librarians to attend PUC hearings, she was there. Recently when there was a need for a page on the HSLIC website to be kept up to date, Barbara was there, volunteering yet again.

She nudges us into forward-looking and professional behavior and we are the better for it. It was during her tenure as Chair that the association with the MHA annual conference was first formed and at her urging that we did it. She always leads HSLIC in the direction it ought to be headed. And it is with considerable pride that we honor her with the 2000 Cairns Award."

Barbara has had various positions in several Maine libraries. She was Director of Central Maine Medical
Center's Health Sciences Library just prior to taking her current position as Librarian at MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta.

Barbara Harness receives award

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