Eleanor C. Cairns Distinguished HSLIC Librarian Award

2012 Nomination Form

HSLIC members may nominate a fellow member for excellence and achievement in contributions to HSLIC, to his or her own institution and community, or to the library profession. Nominations are accepted starting in January and are then reviewed by a selection committee appointed by the HSLIC Executive Board. 

The Committee selects a nominated member and the award is announced at the HSLIC Spring Meeting. The award is then presented at the annual awards ceremony held by the Maine Hospital Association.

arrow graphic2011 Award Recipient, Lucinda (Cindy) White
arrow graphic2010 Award Recipient, Emily Scribner
arrow graphic2009 Award Recipient, Dina McKelvy
arrow graphic2008 Award Recipient, Janet Cowen
arrow graphic2007 Award Recipient, Deborah Clark
arrow graphic2006 Award Recipient, Happy Copley
arrow graphic2005 Award Recipient, Kathy Brunjes
arrow graphic2004 Award Recipient, Nancy Greenier
arrow graphic2003 Award Recipient, Marjorie Anderson
arrow graphic2002 Award Recipient, Dan Philbrick
arrow graphic2001 Award Recipient, Cora Damon
arrow graphic2000 Award Recipient, Barbara Harness
arrow graphic1998 Award Recipient, Patty Kahn
arrow graphic1997 Award Recipient, Suellen Jagels
arrow graphic1996 Award Recipient, Melda Page