HSLIC Ariel Grant Forms

The forms listed below are Word Documents. Please save the form to your local disk by choosing "Save As" from the File pull-down menu before editing. Information entered through the Web is not saved.

arrow graphic Memorandum of Understanding This form is to be completed prior to requesting reimbursement. Once it is signed by the HSLIC Library, and mailed to the Principal Investigator, it will be signed by the PI, and a copy returned to the HSLIC Library.
arrow graphic Ariel Grant Reimbursement Form Please use this form to request reimbursement for hardware purchases. Full instructions are on the form.
arrow graphic Data Collection Form This form must be completed by all HSLIC libraries participating in the Ariel grant, regardless of which year the library will be reimbursed. There are two data collection periods each year, for each of the three years of the grant. Each data collection period is four weeks. However, after the first data collection period, the Steering Committee may shorten the period. See the form for futher instructions.