HSLIC 25th Anniversary graphic


Over 30 people gathered at the Augusta Country Club on October 23, 1998 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of HSLIC. The Silver Soiree began with a social hour as old and new friends mingled while father and daughter Stephen and Lauren Hastings provided delightful background music. After enjoying a delicious buffet dinner, the group was welcomed by chairperson Cindy White (EMMC) who confirmed what most already knew - that the celebration not only marked 25 years of HSLIC but also provided an opportunity to recognize Nancy Greenier (MaineGeneral at Augusta) who will soon be retiring after many years of service to HSLIC and the library profession. Sue Jagels (EMMC) presented a visual tribute to Nancy in the form of a PowerPoint show which was followed by several HSLIC members who read written tributes to Nancy from those unable to attend. Dr. Richie Kahn (Pen Bay Medical Center) provided comic relief with his remarks, then Patty Kahn (Pen Bay Medical Center) presented Nancy with gifts and a basket of cards.

After Nancy graciously cut and served the anniversary cake, the serious brain work began as Sue Jagels tested the groupís memory with her second PowerPoint show, HSLIC: Who, What, Where, and When? The selection of pictures ranged from the early years of HSLIC (founding member Eleanor Cairns in her library) to spring of 1998 when Patty Kahn received the Cairns Award. Although the audience was able to identify most of the pictures, they were completely stumped by a few.

As the laughter subsided and the group dispersed, all agreed that it had been a lovely evening and a celebration worthy of HSLIC!


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