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UMass HealthNet

About This Site

Overview of Project

UMass HealthNet is an outreach initiative administered by the Lamar Soutter Library of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) providing several means of access to quality consumer-oriented health information for the residents of Massachusetts. The UMass HealthNet website serves as a portal to the various projects of the Library that address these needs, as well as other reliable resources offering authoritative health information.

The project was established to address the need of consumers and healthcare providers for health information they can trust. The sites and projects accessed through UMass HealthNet meet high standards in regards to the level of information they provide and the services offered.

HealthNet Core Values

  • Reliable information on health topics
  • Partnership with local resources
  • Centralized access to information resources
  • Focus on the health information needs of Massachusetts residents
  • Utilize technology to provide resources to previously underserved populations

UMass HealthNet Mission Statement

HealthNet's mission is to provide easier access to quality information on health topics and better awareness of health services available to Massachusetts residents. HealthNet strives to guide consumers through the myriad of on-line health information resources by featuring reliable information and services evaluated by professional medical reference librarians.


  • Serve as a link for local health agency information to the residents of Massachusetts
  • Educate the local community on ways to access and evaluate web-based health information
  • Provide access to health information to patients, physicians and health professionals

Primary Agencies / Sponsor

UMass HealthNet is a project developed by the Lamar Soutter Library of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and supported by a grant from the William Randolph Hearst Foundations. The individual projects accessed via the HealthNet website are made possible through the cooperation and financial support of several different agencies. Please refer to the individual sites for specific information.