Copyright Basics

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Copyright Basics

This 60-minute class will introduce the basics of copyright—the myths, what is/is not protected by copyright, finding free-to-use images, complying with copyright: linking, creative commons licenses, obtaining permission. Includes a brief introduction to "Fair Use." THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE. FOR LEGAL ADVICE, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR ATTORNEY.

  • Attendees will understand what categories of information are/are not protected by copyright.
  • Attendees will understand that "every educational use" is NOT automatically a "fair use." The Fair Use analysis process, based on the Four Factors, will be introduced.
  • Attendees will understand how to comply with copyright in papers, presentations for courses and conferences, etc.
  • Attendees will become aware of sources of "free-to-reuse" images, text, media, etc.
  • Attendees will understand when and how to obtain permission to use copyrighted works.
  • Attendees will become aware of the misinformation/misunderstandings about copyright in the digital age.

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