Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries

Development of Medical Libraries in Rhode Island

1754 The Redwood Library, founded by Abraham Redwood has a collection of medical books which "...were amply sufficient to give the medical student competent information of all that was then known in the English language on Anatomy, Surgery, Chemistry, Botany..."
1811 Establishment of Brown University Medical School (1811-1927) and of the Brown University Medical Association. The Association was for the benefit of professors, students and other physicians. The Association conducted a library and at its initial meeting on November 9, 1811, authorized the purchase of books. This library was maintained until March 28, 1825 when the Association ceased to exist.
1812 Establishment of the Rhode Island Medical Society.
1823 From the circular Medical Lectures in Brown University, "A Medical Library is attached to the school to which the students will allow access."
1824 Dr. Caleb Fiske donated 72 volumes of valuable books to the Rhode Island Medical Society, accompanied by a letter: "Gentlemen, believing it to be an object of considerable interest to establish a medical library for the use of the Society, and as no successful effort hath hitherto been made to effect so desirable a purpose..." His gift received few additions and the collection was not updated.
1824 The Library of Brown University has received "from two young gentlemen alumni, a respectable donation of French books which are valuable works on Natural History, on Anatomy and Surgery."
1847 Establishment of Butler Hospital, which develops a medical and psychiatric library.
1848 Providence Medical Association starts subscriptions to various journals.
1862 War Department General Hospital in Portsmouth Grove has a library. Also known as Lovell General Hospital.
1868 The opening of Rhode Island Hospital. Space was provided for a library which includes collections donated by: Dr. Ezekiel Fowler from Woonsocket (400 volumes), Dr. J. Davis Jones, and Dr. Usher Parson. Dr. William P. Bullock is the first librarian.
1868 Rhode Island Medical Society presented all books, journals, instruments, and apparatus to Rhode Island Hospital, provided the members of the Society shall be permitted to have free use of them when desired, subject to the rules of the hospital.
1874 Rhode Island Hospital Librarian Dr. Charles L. Leonard reports library has 2,000 volumes.
1880 Dr. George Dallas Hersey, is appointed Librarian of the Rhode Island Medical Society (RIMS) and asks Rhode Island Hospital to return all the journals the Society gave them in 1868. The collection is moved to the Franklin Society rooms on North Main Street in Providence.
1884 Providence Lying-Inn Hospital opens.
1900 Books and journals of the Rhode Island Medical Society (RIMS) were moved to Providence Public Library (PPL), because the Franklin Society had no space. But after a few years, PPL notified RIMS that since the collection has grown to such proportions, PPL no longer had space.
1901-1902 Dr. Hersey (RIMS) is the Treasurer of the Medical Library Association.
1912 Opening of the Rhode Island Medical Society Library building. The collection is moved out of the PPL into the new building. Miss Grace E. Dickerman came to RIMS from PPL. The library is open to everyone in RI for study and reference use.
1927 The James Henry Davenport Collection -- books by and about doctors is given to the Rhode Island Medical Societ.
1930 Helen Moffitt DeJong begins work at RIMS (until 1975).
1951 25 health sciences librarians, who saw the advantages that could come from increased cooperation between them, began meeting for a social hour.
1953 The establishment of the Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries (ARIHSL). The group started working together on mutual problems and produced the first edition of the Union List of Medical Journals (May 27, 1953).
1957 Anne Maxvillee was on an organizing committee for the New England Regional Group.
1958-1959 Anne Maxville, Rhode Island Medical Society, is chair of the New England Regional Group.
1962-1963 Doris Johnson, Rhode Island Hospital, was chair of the New England Regional Group.
1968 The Rhode Island Medical Society received the collection of old medical books that belonged to Dr. Madelaine Ray Brown (1898-1968). Born in Providence, she received MA from Brown University, MD from Johns Hopkins (1927), speciality was neurology. She was the first woman house officer at Boston City Hospital.
1971-1972 Josephine Carson, Brown University, was chair of the New England Regional Groups of MLA.
1974 Set up of the Medline Service Center, Sciences Library, Brown University. Requests for a search could be made through a medical librarian, or directly to Mrs. Carson, the
Biomedical Librarian in the Sciences Library. The cost per search was $10.00
1975 ARIHSL adopted its name Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Librarians and its first slate of officers were elected.
1976 Brown University re-opens its medical school -- Program in Liberal Medical Education. Library began to acquire medical books and journals.
1979-1980 Ann Knight Randall, Brown University, is chair of the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries.
1980 Cooperative Interlibrary Loan plan with the Maine Health Sciences Libraries (HSLIC). 3 copies of their union list are deposited in RI at: University of Rhode Island, Roger Williams College, and RIMS. Librarians in Rhode Island can call one of these libraries to check on availability of titles.
1980 October 22-25 -- NAHSL held in Rhode Island
1980-1981 Patricia Thibodeau is President of ARIHSL
1981 Began awarding an ARIHSL scrimshaw pin to members who are retiring. First was to Mary Murray.
1981 In Health Sci/RI list who has what union lists and members can call to ask for holding information.
1981 Jo-Anne Aspri began working at Kent as work-study student.
1981 New England Regional Medical Library Services (NERMS) conducted a regional ILL cost study
1981 ARIHSL Serials Committee is set up.
1981-1982 Deidre Donahue is President of ARISHSL
1982 RIMS changed its ILL policy -- telephone requests will no longer be accepted. ARIHSL members would have to pay for ILL requests from RIMS collection. In 1979/80, RIMS accounted for 11% of ILL requests in the state.
Newsletters had information about activities in RILA, and in the New England Regional Council on Library Resources for Nursing.
Membership consists of 57 members (4 retired)
The Association dealt with introducing legislation on use of Community Access Cable Television (HR 82-7847)
Members were involved in the Hospital Library Section of NELA.
Legislative network (by phone) established to allow fast communication among ARIHSL members
ARIHSL accepted an offer from NERMLS to update ARIHSL Union List in NLM-compatable machine -- readable form (SERLINE) by a computer firm. Set-up the ARIHSL Union List Committee: Roseanne Gamache, Frank Kellerman, Chris LaFauci, Peg Lambeth, Hadassah Stein, and Ruth Szabo
ILL Committee's "Proposed Guidelines for ILL of materials in the ARIHSL Union List" were accepted
At an ARIHSL meeting a talk was given explaining reasons for proposed affiliation between WIH and RIH.
Department of State Library Services begins serving as central address for receipt of ARIHSL mail.
New York Academy of Medicine selected as Regional Library for Northeast region.
ARIHSL's On-Line User Group holds first meeting.
1982-1983 Christine LaFauci is ARIHSL President
1983 University of Connecticut Health Center Library becomes the Resource Library for RI/CONN sub-region of Region I.
Bradley Hospital's Levy Library and East Providence Public Library team up to provide information about child behavior, development problems, and social work.
Approved expenditure of $400 to re-formate ARIHSL Union List tape to make it compatible with that of NLM. Motion was tabled to January 1984 meeting.
Began discussing visibility of institutional membership fee.
Most newsletters had information on serial holdings changes and union lists
1983-1984 Wendell Pols was ARIHSL President
1984 "Medical Information for the Layperson" -- ARIHSL members presented a program at INFOEX -- a conference sponsored by Department of State Library Services for reference libraries from public libraries
Mr. Joszef Szabo updated the logo, and he was named an honorary member for his generous contribution to the organization.
44 copies of the union lists were sold to members of ARIHSL and 9 to non members.
1984 Christine A. Chapman, Health Sciences Information, waswas chair of the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries.
1984-1985 Lynn Lloyd is ARIHSL President
1985 Erika Schmidt receives scrimshaw necklace and a book on gardening upon retiring after 23 years of services at Butler Hospital's Isaac Ray Medical Library.
1985 No librarians from RIH involved in ARIHSL. Annual dues in 1988 were $10.00. Union List -- 12th edition 1988 for $20.00
1985 Brown Participated in initial test phase for Docline.
Major issues:
- Early 1980's hospitals receiving Medicare will not have to have a medical library
- 1985 UCMP to take place of SER hold microfiche last -- many objected to this, as would cost them $250 a year.
- NLM is concerned about serving the 10 underserved health professionals
- May 15, 1985 revised By-Laws approved
Sometimes meet at lunch time
1985 Most all ARIHSL Libraries submitted their holdings to UCMP.
1985 The position of Medical Library Coordinator is established at Brown University.
1985-1986 Janet Crager is ARIHSL President
Average salary for hospital librarian is $26,760.
1986 Low attendance at meetings, decide to try 5 meetings a year, instead of 8. One lunch, one 3:30, 3 evening meetings (dinner, business meeting, speaker/or educational program)
1986 Raynna B. Genetti become first Medical Library Coordinator, Brown University.
1986 Ruth Szabo retires from St. Joseph Hospital.
1986 Rhode Island Medical Society Library comes to Brown University.
1986-1987 Grace Varghese is President
1987 Library Committee of RIMS meets to discuss the future of the RIMS Library, as usage is down, and the last 4 librarians stayed only for short tenure.
An RIMSL/ARIHSL Liaison Committee was set up, mainly to insure that the collection remains in RI.
1987 From the minutes: "Docline wants to evaluate responses on usage. Eventually they would like to rid of the coupon system and have NLM keep track of the expenditures."
1987 RIMS collection will be given to Brown University, with free access to RIMS members. State journal collection will be available to ARIHSL at no charge for ILL's, for at least 3 years. [Brown continues to provide at no charge 6/18/2003]
1988 ARIHSL has table at RILA Annual Conference to sell copies of Union List for $10.00. It was good publicity for ARIHSL -- but didn't sell any Union Lists.
ARIHSL joins BHSL as a consortium.
Jo-Anne Aspri is special libraries representive to ILL RHILINET Committee.
1988 ARIHSL members participate in the Rhode Island Library Study under sponsorship of RILA and DSLS -- to evaluate library network programs and services.
1987 Looking into having a Marcive monograph holdings list (Jo- Anne Aspri and Linda Walton). Nine libraries were interested.
1988-1989 Linda Walton is President
1988 Carolyn Waller Bradley retires from Bradley Hospital
1989 ARIHSL develops the Interlibrary Loan Code and Interlibrary Loan Guidelines, committee chaired by Jo-Anne Aspri. It was accepted at July 20, 1988 meeting.
ARIHSL Newsletter no longer publishes journal holdings updates -- all updated should be through UCMP.
Set up a Membership Committee -- to keep list of current members updated, collect dues.
Linda Walton is special libraries representative to RI Library Study Implementation Committee. First time an ARIHSL member is on a state advisory committee for libraries.
1989 ARIHSL celebrates its 35th anniversary with special cake and candles at November 30th meeting with new ARIHSL banner.
1988-1989 Tosca Carpenter is President
Average salary for hospital librarian in MA and RI is $31,574.
1990 Because of Docline -- not necessary to update Union List every year. Decide to publish the ARIHSL Union List every other year, beginning in August 1989.
1990 Mary Zammarelli is a member of the RHILINET ILL Taskforce.
1991 12 hospital libraries join the RHILINET Interlibrary Loan System.
The ARIHSL Monograph Union List on microfiche was distributed. 8 libraries participated and 5,000 unique title are listed.
1989-1990 Raynna Bowlby, Brown University, was chair of the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries. NAHSL conference was held in Providence.
1989-1990 Jo-Anne Aspri is ARIHSL President
1990 NAHSL is held in RI at the Omni-Biltmore, Providence, Chair is Raynna Bowlby
There are 45 members in ARIHSL, including 9 retired members.
Tosca Carpenter compiled the ARIHSL Policy and Procedure Manual.
Re-creation of the New England Region as part of the Medical Library Network, to become effective as of May 1991.
13th edition of ARIHSL Union List is published.
Dr. Lindberg's letter to hospital administrators about Grateful Med. Jo-Anne Aspri sent letter as ARIHSL President to Dr. Lindberg.
Committee created to consider creating institutional membership in ARIHSL.
1990-1991 Mary Zammarelli as President
1991 Discussion about drop of attendance at ARIHSL meetings, at January 16th meeting. It was decided not to have noon time meetings, but either morning or evening meetings. Earlier announcement of up-coming meetngs.
University of Connecticut wins the RML contract for Region 8.
ARIHSL members present a review of medical resources for public librarians at RILA conference, June 7.
A motion was approved that $200.00 be given to any of the following members: President, President-Elect, Past President, or member of Executive Board to attend MLA conference.
1991-1992 Barbara Davis is President
1990 Brown becomes a Resource Library for RI within the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.
Members work on submitting a Technology Update Grant from NLM. Principal Investigator -- Barbara Davis but was tabled because of changes at NLM.
Work begins on ARIHSL's 14th edition of the Union List.
ARIHSL is represented on the Regional Advisory Committee by Mary Ann Slocomb.
Quahog -- Compact disc of monographs holdings of RI public libraries and 10 hospital libraries is provided.
1992-1993 Ruthann Gildea is President
1991 Grant proposal open to all ARIHSL members for funding for equipment and software, was submitted to Champlin Foundation on September 1993. Proposal rejected.
Approved new membership category -- Institutional Membership, and with this change the new name for ARIHSL is Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries. By-Laws were changed to reflect this.
ARIHSL changed name to Association of RI Health Sciences Libraries to high light the investment of resource on part of the institutions and benefits that occur to them through work of ARIHSL.
ARIHSL libraries join LORI -- Library of Rhode Island
15th Edition of the ARIHSL Union List was published. Price $30.00 members, $40.00 non-members. It costs $1,700 to produce. Decided to update "yellow pages" from union List every year and to include internet address and fax numbers.
Ann LeClair, one of the founding members of ARIHSL passed away on September 6.
ARIHSL celebrated its 40th Anniversary on October 27 at the Brown Faculty Club. Event was sponsored by Ebsco.
1993-1993 Sylvia Hampton is President 1994
1992 ARIHSL members participate in satellite broadcast of Medlars Update at VA Hospital and Newport Hospital.
Members voted to continue ARIHSL membership in the Rhode Island Coalition of Library Advocates.
Journal Club was organized for interested members.
Membership fees are:
20 Individual members - $10.00
16 Institutional members - $20.00
ARIHSL sponsored a poster session at NAHSL '94, instead of presenting state reports.
1994 Helen DeJong, 83, one of the founding members of ARIHSL passed away on March 31, 1994.
ARIHSL members attend workshops about access to OCLC.
1994-1995 Irene Lathrop is President
1995 NAHSL in RI at Westin Hotel, Providence, Co-chairs Tovah Reis and Ruthann Gildea
1996 Jo-Anne Aspri Kent receives the NAHSL Achievement Award.
ARIHSL develops its web site, which was hosted on the Brown University server. Its debut was May 15, 1996, Janet Crager was the first webmaster.
ARIHSL has 31 members, and 10 retired members for a total of 41 members.
Talks began with CRIARL about merging the ARIHSL Union List of Medical Peridicals with the CRIARL Union List.
1997-1998 Janice Schuster is President
1997 The June 4 meeting was to brainstorm ideas and solutions about the future of ARIHSL as it is entering the next year without an incoming president. Sylvia Hampton, Past President volunteered to serve as President for the coming year. It was decided to have only four meetings, create a listserv, use e-mail for reports and announcements, and that ARIHSL will maintain its district organizational status for the coming year.
1998 Membership:
Individual -- 10
Institutional -- 14
2000-2001 Jo-Anne Aspri, Kent Hospital, was NAHSL conference chair. Conference was held in Newport.
2001 Tovah Reis, Brown University, received NAHSL Achievement Award
2001-2002 MaryAnn Slocomb, UMASS ( ) RIH was chair of NAHSL