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ARIHSL Letter of Intent

Interlibrary Loan Code and Guidelines

Letter of Intent 2012

_____________________________________ (Institution)

__________________________________________ (Library)

_________________ (DOCLINE Code)

I _____________________________ (Name), as a representative of _________________________________ (Institution) have read the INTERLIBRARY LOAN CODE for the United States established by the American Library Association and accepted by the Association of Rhode Island Health Sciences Libraries (ARIHSL). I will inform interlibrary loan personnel about the INTERLIBRARY LOAN CODE. I agree to monitor the performance of interlibrary lending and borrowing in this library to ensure that it complies with these provisions. I also agree to update my holdings in all shared databases (such as SERHOLD and HELIN) on an annual basis.

This agreement remains in effect from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.

_______________ (Date)

______________________________ (Signature)


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