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Updated: 23 min 47 sec ago

Scientists losing data at a rapid rate

Tue, 12/31/2013 - 8:21am

Decline can mean 80% of data are unavailable after 20 years.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2013.14416

Distant planet weighed using clues from starlight

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 1:21pm

Spectral technique promises to enable mass measurement for planets around faint stars.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2013.14421

Cell-suicide blocker holds promise as HIV therapy

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 12:21pm

Approach could complement current treatments.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2013.14422

Shrub genome reveals secrets of flower power

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 10:21am

Amborella sequence might help to explain why flowering plants conquered Earth.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2013.14426