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Microbial stowaways to Mars identified

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 1:21pm

Bacteria found on the Curiosity rover reveal the types of microorganisms that spacecraft carry.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15249

Kawasaki disease origin traced to northeast China

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 11:21am

Scientists suspect a fast-acting wind-borne toxin underlies the childhood disease.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15252

Chinese agencies announce open-access policies

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 11:21am

Researchers will now be required to make papers free to read within one year of publication.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15255

Nimble amoebas battle for world supremacy

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 10:21am

Nature News Blog doi:

Video reveals entire organism's neurons at work

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 9:21am

Researchers image complete nervous system in real time.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15240

Lightning linked to solar wind

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 4:21pm

Correlation suggests answer to longstanding question about what triggers bolts.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15229

US ionospheric research facility to close

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 2:21pm

Unless a new patron emerges, HAARP will be dismantled in June.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15243

Gravitational wave discovery faces scrutiny

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 1:21pm

Cosmologist casts doubt on BICEP2's analysis of cosmic microwaves, but the team stands by its conclusions.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15248

Climate row pits academic publisher against

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 1:21pm

Nature News Blog doi:

NIH alternative-medicine centre proposes name change

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 11:21am

Nature News Blog doi:

Why an octopus never gets tangled

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 11:21am

Experiment with amputated limbs shows how motion of the arms is independent of central brain's control.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15204

Mexican skeleton gives clue to American ancestry

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 6:21pm

Genetic signature from cave remains matches that of modern Native Americans.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15226

Comet begins to steam off as Rosetta homes in

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 6:21pm

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US bee losses drop but not enough

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 4:21pm

Nature News Blog doi:

Is it right to reverse extinction?

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 4:21pm

Several groups are working to bring back long-dead species, but these efforts could undo some hard-learned lessons, argues Ben Minteer.

Nature 509 261 doi: 10.1038/509261a

Seven days 9–15 May 2014

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 2:21pm

The week in science: Britain pledges to be more open about animal research; Stanford University axes coal-company investments; and Vermont passes GM-labelling law.

Nature 509 264 doi: 10.1038/509264a

Homophobia and HIV research: Under siege

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 1:21pm

A wave of anti-gay laws and homophobia in Africa is hampering efforts to study and curb the spread of HIV.

Nature 509 274 doi: 10.1038/509274a

Cosmology: First light

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 7:21am

The left-over radiation from the Big Bang has given up what may be its last great secret about the early Universe, but astronomers are determined to mine more from this primordial prize.

Nature 509 276 doi: 10.1038/509276a

Giant sperm found in crustacean fossils

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 2:21pm

‘Gargantuan gametes’ are oldest on record and have visible nuclei.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15218

Silkworm sex factor is no ordinary gene

Sat, 05/17/2014 - 1:21pm

Creature is first one found to have sex determined by RNA rather than proteins.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2014.15221