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Geneticist launches bid for US Senate

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 7:21am

Michael Eisen hopes a victory in 2018 will bring a new scientific voice to the US legislature.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21381

Trump agenda threatens US legacy of science diplomacy

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 2:21pm

Concerns mount that the new US president will sideline science’s role in international relations.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21382

Swimming starfish, a departing dinosaur and a lot of ice

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 2:21pm

The sharpest science shots from December and January, selected by Nature ’s photo team.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21386

Researchers shocked at UK’s plan to exit EU nuclear agency

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 3:21pm

The United Kingdom’s role in major fusion projects remains in limbo.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21388

Doomsday Clock ticks closer to apocalypse

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 12:21pm

Measure of humanity's risk of annihilation now sits at 2.5 minutes to midnight, the highest level of alert since 1953.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21375

First look at LSD in action reveals acid-trip biochemistry

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 12:21pm

Studies reveal drug's crystal structure and how it affects people's perceptions of meaning.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21377

Hybrid zoo: Introducing pig–human embryos and a rat–mouse

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 11:21am

Chimaeras could pave the way for growing human organs in other animals.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21378

Physicists doubt bold report of metallic hydrogen

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 10:21am

Many researchers are sceptical of a paper claiming to have compressed hydrogen to a metallic state.

Nature 542 17 doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21379

Astronaut twin study hints at stress of space travel

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 7:21am

Unusual study of NASA’s Scott and Mark Kelly finds gene-expression shifts during nearly a year in space.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21380

Hottest year, atomic-clock problems and a diversity failure

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 5:21am

The week in science: 20–26 January 2017.

Nature 541 440 doi: 10.1038/541440a

Plant biologists welcome their robot overlords

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 3:21am

Old-school areas of plant biology are getting tech upgrades that herald more detailed, faster data collection.

Nature 541 445 doi: 10.1038/541445a

Big science has a buzzword problem

Tue, 01/31/2017 - 10:21am

Moonshots, road maps, frameworks and more are proliferating, but few can agree on what these names even mean.

Nature 541 450 doi: 10.1038/541450a

How to find the right answer when the 'wisdom of the crowd' fails

Tue, 01/31/2017 - 7:21am

A new algorithm succeeds by asking members of large groups how they think others will respond.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21370

World’s foremost institute on death and disease metrics gets massive cash boost

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 6:21pm

Centre evaluates how public-health spending can improve mortality rates and disease burden, but many countries still do not record how people die.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21373

We must urgently clarify data-sharing rules

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 12:21pm

Scientists have worked hard to ensure that Europe’s new data laws do not harm science, but one last push is needed, says Jan-Eric Litton.

Nature 541 437 doi: 10.1038/541437a

D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum computer

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 3:21pm

Scepticism surrounds the ultimate potential of D-wave machines, but researchers are already finding uses for them.

Nature 541 447 doi: 10.1038/541447b

‘You never said my peer review was confidential’ — scientist challenges publisher

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 2:21pm

Open-science advocate says journals should be clearer to peer-reviewers about terms and conditions.

Nature 541 446 doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21342

Scientists join massive protest against Trump

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 12:21pm

Researchers at Women's March in Washington DC defend their work as US president takes office.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21345

Rumours swirl about Trump's science adviser pick

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 12:21pm

Climate sceptic William Happer and ardent critic of academia David Gelernter have met with the president.

Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21336

Trump’s next move? Scientists struggle with foggy future

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 12:21pm

The US president reiterated his promise to roll back climate regulations on his first day in office.

Nature 541 443 doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21339