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Annual Copyright License (ACL)

Types of use covered under the license | Types of use not covered under the license | How to use the Annual Copyright License: "Check and Go" | Helpful sites on copyright

UMass Medical School has entered into an agreement with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for coverage under its Annual Copyright License for Academic Institutions. This license provides faculty, librarians, research, and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based copyrighted content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes. There are close to one million titles (including journals and books) included in the CCC's license repertory, and this list continues to grow.

Types of use covered under the annual license include:

  • Coursepacks—paper and electronic (produced on-campus or by an off-campus provider)
  • Class handouts
  • Library reserves—traditional print and e-reserves
  • Electronic course content (course management system postings)
  • Administrative photocopying
  • Faculty-to-faculty sharing
  • Intranet and faculty website postings
  • Internal e-mail

Types of use not covered under the license include:

  • Inter-library loan (ILL)*
  • Advertising or marketing
  • Creation of a database or a repository of works if it replaces the need for a subscription or is available for multiple people's use outside the context of a class
  • Cover-to-cover copying of whole works
  • Any use of the work that results in manipulation or change of the original, or that does not result in a reproduction that is substantially identical visually to the original
*The ACL does cover the subsequent copying and distribution, internal to your institution, once you have obtained the lawful (copyright-cleared) original. (The Lamar Soutter Library transfers payment to the CCC of the fees charged for the original copying of each document received on a cost recovery basis through its Document Delivery service.)

How to use the Annual Copyright License: "Check and Go"

  • Check coverage for academic institutions
  • Enter a search for the Publication Title or ISBN/ISSN and/or the Publisher (Do not enter the title of the specific article or chapter.)
  • Scroll down in the Search Results to look at:
Permission type    Availability    Rightsholder terms
  • If the results of the search indicate:
Covered by CCC Annual LicenseCovered by CCC Annual License - Academic
…no further action is necessary. You are free to use this content in your course materials for the duration of the UMMS license agreement with CCC.

Permission typeAvailabilityRightsholder terms
Photocopy or share content electronically. MoreCovered by CCC Annual LicenseCovered by CCC Annual License - Academic 

Nature is covered under the Annual Copyright License - Academic. You may use the materials from Nature in the ways listed above.

If the Search Results indicate that the publication is not covered under the ACL, there are other options:
  • Full-text may be available via PubMed or PubMed Central.
  • Your proposed use of the materials may be allowed under the Fair Use provision of Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.
  • Permission service options are offered by the CCC as a pay-per-use service. The payment of the service fee is then the responsibility of the individual user, not the Lamar Soutter Library.

For assistance in using the Annual Copyright License and other options, please contact Barbara Ingrassia in the Lamar Soutter Library at 508-856-1041 or email Barbara.Ingrassia@umassmed.edu

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