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PsycInfo Evidence-Based Filters

Use these filters to find citations in PsycInfo related to the specific Evidence-Based study category:

(sensitiv$ or specific$).ti. and diagnos$.mp.

etiology.ti. or exp PREVENTION/ or epidemiolog$.ti. or causal.ti. or cohort.ti. or emperical.ti. or risk.ti. or odds.ti. or case control.ti.

(death or dying).ti. or exp prognosis/ or outcome$.ti. or quality of life.ti. or morbidity.ti. or mortality.ti. or surviv$.ti. or followup.ti. or longitudinal.ti.

exp METHODOLOGY/ or data or exp empirical methods/ or meta or randomized control$.mp. or or double blind$.mp. or

Follow these steps to import a filter into an OVID/PsycInfo search:
  1. Build your search in PsycInfo.
  2. Copy one of the filters above by highlighting the filter phrase, right-clicking and selecting Copy.
  3. On the OVID/PsycInfo search page, Paste the filter phrase in the search box by right-clicking and selecting Paste.
  4. Un-select the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Then, Combine this search set with your previous set(s). This will narrow your previous results and will represent citations with a greater Evidence-Based focus.
If you need further assistance, contact Len Levin.